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Chinese Symbol Tattoos?

I was talking to someone a few months ago and i was telling her about how i want to get the Chinese symbol for "Love" on my ankle. And she responded by saying "I would never get a chinese symbol because tattoo artists usually change part of the symbol so it means something completely different, like they could change the word "love" into something innapropriate" and that made me think, can they really do that? Would some actually be cruel enough to do that? Could you sue if they did do that? I do still want that tattoo, but ever since she said that, i've been kinda nervous. Any advice? And also, what do think about Chinese symbol tattoos?

Personally, I like them. However, sooo many people have them =/

I also like hibiscus flowers and hearts...any tattoo suggestions??

Chinese Symbol Tattoos?
yes, the longer you think it over the better it would be for you in there. Some tattoo parlors do transfer tattoos where you can wear it until it fades and washes away that is what I would do first before I put a permanent mark on myself.
Reply:My fiance has a chinese symbol on his arm that means soulmates and I looked on the computer at MANY MANY different sites to make sure I had the right symbol. I printed it out, and took it to the tattoo guy and it looks exactly like it's supposed too. Seriously, go to google and type in "love chinese symbol" and look at a lot of different sites to make sure it really means love, and then print it out and take it with you. That way, you know it's really Love
Reply:Yes people have been getting chinese symbols and it ended up saying something else or it was tattooed on backwords. Make sure the tattooest knows what they are doing.
Reply:I think they're pretty ridiculous

Tattoo artist's don't change what it says, they don't know what it means any more and you and me! At least 50% of the time it's totally different from what you think it means, only about 1 in 10 is a correct translation

I work with a pair of tattooists and the general opinion is that if someone's really dumb enough to get a tattoo in a language they have absolutely no knowledge of then they really deserve what's coming to them
Reply:Do your own research on Chinese symbols and check multiple references to make sure that the symbol is correct. Don't go to the tattoo shop and choose a symbol out of the book because you can't be sure the symbols are right. Just do your won research so you know what you're getting.
Reply:Some artists probably just screw up, i doubt they'd do that on purpose, unless if they were unprofessional and the client was being a real pain. When they draw the design for the transfer, and put it on your body, be sure to double check that it exactly corresponds to the design you brought in. Your bigger worry honestly should be making sure that design you've got is actually the correct design with the correct meaning. There are a couple of different kanji for love and they mean different types of love. A friend of mine knows Chinese, and she saw a girl with kanji for woman tattooed on her. Well, she wanted "woman" anyway, meaning "woman power/female energy" that kind of thing. BUT, in China, that symbol she used was the one they commonly place on the door of the women's bathroom! So it's important to know what the word really signifies in that culture, in addition to knowing for sure that the kanji is drawn exactly right. Another example - the Japanese word for transformation - I saw a very cute tattoo design of this and wanted to get it - but I asked a friend, and she said now it commonly refers to bodily transformation of superheros in cartoons. Then I tried a Japanese saying - but I asked her for the translation and she said it was actually a strange idiom that didn't make sense. So I dropped the kanji idea.
Reply:Thats illegal in the states if you go to a professional! If you dont there really is no hope for you or that tat! lol
Reply:I have a kanji symbol on my leg, dont worry a tattooist wud never do that unless they wanted to get sued, just make sure u have the right symbol and the tattooist will copy it perfectli for u.

Get the tattoo that u want, if u have fallen in love with the design and are certain u want it on ure body, go for it. I think chinese symbols are awsum

Reply:I would like the chineae symbol for

Don And Steven
Reply:I think that the Chinese symbol's look great!!!!

I also think hibiscus flowers %26amp; hearts will look really pretty. Get the flowers %26amp; heart now and do some more checking on the Chinese symbol!
Reply:chinese tattoos are so stupid and cheesy. you probably don't even speak chinese so WHY would you get a chinese tattoo

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