Sunday, April 26, 2009

I want the chinese symbol "daddy's little girl" tattoo but not sure where to put it?

My dad passed away in 2003 so this has a significant meaning to me. I want it small but not sure where to put it. I was thinking on my wrist and if i have to cover it I could just wear a watch. I am already getting hibiscus flower on the top of my foot. Anyone have any good suggestions?

I want the chinese symbol "daddy's little girl" tattoo but not sure where to put it?
I like the wrist idea. That way you could decide when to display it.

Just nowhere that could be construed as sexual in any way. That could get weird.
Reply:I would say the rib cage... you dont see those much. the wrist is good too
Reply:put it on yout left shoulder balde... its close to your heart and easily hidden when you need it to be. i try to make my clients understand that if they ever want or try to get a professional job then anything on public skin may be a turn off to your employer. just keep that in mind.

i know youll make a good decision! and that will be a great looking tat.
Reply:This is a real personal decision. As an older tattooed man I am very discrete where I have mine. I am professional by day and a freak/side show performer at night. Even today some people are very judgmental in life,including future boyfriends. Make a prudent decision.
Reply:somewhere daddy would've approved of! did you guys hold pinkies like a secret handshake? then get it on your pinkie....get it somewhere that reminds you of him....just the little things you guys did try to remember then decide
Reply:back of you neck.

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