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Live Plants in vivarium for chinese water dragon?

I am wanting to add some live plants to my vivarium for my chinese water dragon - maybe a ficus or a hibiscus. I am a little worried because nursuries use so many pesticides, and also if there may be little bugs on it or something that would contaminate his environment. I am wondering if it is safe to add these plants. If not, what is the best way to go about it?


Live Plants in vivarium for chinese water dragon?
go to this website and see a list of plants you can put in your tank. if you are concerned about pesticides and such. they do wash off. you can spray them down with a light continual mist from a garden hose. fruit is almost always covered in pesticides and chemicals and all we normaly do is wash the fruit with water before eating it. it will work just the same for the plant. and I doubt your cwd's will eat the plants they are not big veggie eaters. it is usually a trick to get them to eat any type of veggie for me. I can get them to eat green bean baby food though.
Reply:Just rinsing off the plants and their roots will work. The plants might go into a sort of shock but should come right back up once they get settled in the vivarium. I have a book on Chinese Water Dragons and it says that Ficus, Forsythia, Grape, Hibiscus, Lantana camara, mulberry, pineapple and sansevieria are good choices for them. In my experience Bamboo is awesome for lizards. You can buy some lucky bamboo that is braided or twisted or something so it gives more structure and if he is still small could climb on it or something. Good Luck!
Reply:yes you can because the dragon will eat the plant and that is good for it

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