Sunday, April 26, 2009

Im wanting to get another Tattoo! Help Please!?

I already have a Butterfly on the back of my left shoulder

Heart on my Foot

Chinese symble for love on my rist

Hibiscus tribal on my lower back

What should I get and were should I put it?

Im wanting to get another Tattoo! Help Please!?
You should get a traditional Skull %26amp; Cross Bones tattoo! On like your lower hip! That would be so awesome! I want one there!
Reply:I'm sorry, I'm terrible at helping others pick tattoos. I say think long and hard and pick something that has special special meaning to you. Even if it's something ridiculous.
Reply:Get your zodiac =)
Reply:You're going to let a stranger on Yahoo! Answers pick out what you should put on your body forever?

Reply:you should wait until you don't have to ask this question on this board until you get a tattoo. I could tell you to tattoo dumb *** across your forehead but i think you be smart enough not to do it.
Reply:Well I have quiet a few and I have never had to ask 4 help, oviously it's not time for youto get another one. It will just come to you or youll seeit and just know.

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