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A question about my English name...?

I'm a Chinese student live in Taiwan, and my English teacher want any students' English name. My Chinese name is meaning "like a hibiscus", if I want my English name has this close meaning, how should I name?

A question about my English name...?
English names aren't like Chinese names, in that the meanings are very different and not really that well known anymore.

As people above have said, there isn't a name in English that means 'like a hibiscus' but you could choose an english flower name if you want to be closer (such as Rose, Poppy, Lily, Flora). However, if you want to try and get the feel of the name, that may be better.

I am assuming that 'like a hibiscus' has meanings in Chinese about feminity, beauty and vibrancy. You could therefore try English names that have a similar feeling to them, such as Isobel, Chloe (actually means life), Charlotte, Lana, Imogen, Lauren, Annette, Iris, Camille, Helena or Eloise (pronounced eh-lou-eese).

One thing I would say, though, if you go to study in an English speaking country don't feel that you have to change your name - I always think it's a shame (unless, of course, you want to, or you can't bear all of us English speakers mispronouncing your name!).
Reply:When I think of American names, the first one which is plant-like and begins with an "H" would be Heather.

Going in another direction, Hibiscus mutabilis is also called Confederate Rose or Cotton Rose. Seeing as how it is a Chinese hibiscus, I always think of the movie Gone with Wind and the Confederate Rose or Cotton Rose of that movie would be Scarlett.
Reply:In India Girls Name "JASUM" means Hibiscus
Reply:I have always been partial to the name, Emily but i need your Chinese name to get an English name. If you post your Chinese name, i will edit my question with a better name.
Reply:All that I know is that I am of German Norwegian descent. I have an English name (Bruce). Should I be angrz for the Anglo├čSaxon name. I looked it up and thez said Bruce means (the favoured one). What is in a name. All depends on how u look. Whz did mz computer go German_ tisch copisch ettya meta mile that I could not walk.
Reply:Richard Simmons
Reply:Chinese hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis) ... try using's closest to the scientific name.
Reply:Glen, means an abundant valley.
Reply:I don't think there's a word in English that means "like a hibiscus". Just go with a name that sounds somewhat like your Chinese name.
Reply:Flora is a common Latin girl's name and means goddess of flowers.

Florence is a popular Latin girl's name and means bloom or prosperity.

A hibiscus is also called the Rose of Sharon so you might concider:

Rose is a popular Latin girl's name and means rose.

Roseanne is a very unusual English girl's name and is a combination of Rose and Anne.

Roselyn is a very unusual girl's name and is a variation of Rosalind.

Rosemarie is a common English girl's name and is a combination of Rose and Marie.

Rosemary is a popular English girl's name and means rosemary.

Rosetta is a common girl's name and is a diminutive form of Rose.

Sharon is a popular Hebrew girl's name and means plain.

Many if these have roots in other languages but are common among English speaking countries.
Reply:how about rose, laurel or myrtle? they are also plants, but not as nice as hibiscus...
Reply:none knows what their name means, just go with something that sounds cool
Reply:Choose a name that sounds similar. It doesn't have to mean the same thing. Harry starts with an H so that would work.
Reply:Try searching here: for something like Rose, Sharon, Flower, etc.
Reply:there is no such name as far as i know in English.

there is a prevailing attitude among English speakers to not name their sons after flowers. other languages seem to do this, but English does not. the best advice i can tell you is to look for a name that is similar to yours in English and use that. that will be better than any flowery name anyone can give you.
Reply:Rose of Sharon

see link below, this might be answer you are looking for
Reply:um... HIBISCUS?
Reply:Tell your English teacher to stop being an ethnocentric, racist female dog and learn your real name like anyone elses!
Reply:'jasmine' will be a nice one
Reply:Can you just use Hibiscus as your English name? Rose and Lilac are flowers and people use Rose or Lilac as their names too. So, why not Hibiscus too?

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